Smart Care is a unique concept in home care provided by Relaxing Home Care.  We created this innovative program to relieve your burdens as much as possible.  Our Smart Care program allows you to make just one phone call…regardless of the type of service you need.

We provide a comprehensive case management and oversight system which helps you create a safe and secure environment at home for your loved ones.  With our Smart Care program...

Relaxing Home Care
is your ONE-STOP resource for any type of home care you may need.

Smart Care can also serve to help you determine the next level of a care when indicated. Relaxing Home Care will be there to monitor the on-going care of your loved ones. We can act as a liaison with any facility that your loved one resides in, allowing you to carry on with your other responsibilities to your family, friends and work.

Our Smart Care program allows for total care management.  Examples of areas covered by Smart Care are:

  • Referring to medical history and current medications in case of an emergency.
  • Using up-to-date technology to save you money while providing a safe environment.
  • Creating a safe home by assessing your loved one’s home for hidden dangers.
  • Checking in on current care by phone or in-person.
Your loved one will be safe and protected. 
The sky’s the limit with Smart Care


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